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Why are so few pastors speaking out, has the Church stopped being watchful?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

There is one thing I like about American pastors, while sometimes controversial and often outspoken, they are rarely fence-sitters (remember what God does to them). God would rather us be hot or cold, not lukewarm. It therefore saddens me that much of the Church in the UK seems lukewarm with regards prophecy. In my recent communications with pastors and other Christians, there seems to be an absence of awareness of how the pandemic, in alignment with other world events, is checking some seriously alarming prophetic boxes.

I admit I am one of those Christians who take prophecy extremely seriously, there are a 'few' of us out there but we seem to inhabit the fringe of the church. In the US the opposite is true but in the UK I am definitely in a minority. You see, churches in the UK are largely genteel affairs. They are cosy environments with yoga classes, coffee mornings, creches and the like. There is an air that the 'fire and brimstone' of prophecy is like an outspoken friend at a dinner party who always brings up awkward topics, ruffles feathers and leaves other guests uncomfortable. Prophecy destroys comfort zones. It's just too much, not vanilla enough, wrongly regarded as divisive by some quarters of the Church.

Then there are the distractions. Trendy social philosophies have been adopted by some ministries in order to broaden their appeal. Moreover, leadership has engaged these hand-wringing secular dilemmas to show solidarity with non-believers, strengthening atheistic worldviews rather than exposing the absence of salvation therein.

I believe some of these things explain why prophecy has been largely abandoned and much of the UK Church is in slumber.

How many UK pastors preach about Daniel and Revelation as foretelling real events that we must be watchful for? Are these scriptures viewed as relevant and literal, that will occur as God, Jesus and the prophets described them? Are we yearning and striving to understand the words and meanings, or have we pushed them to one side? Too complicated, confusing or scary, not relevant because we believe the Church will be raptured before these things occur - so why worry?

Well, I would say 'worry not' but instead 'tarry' - strive to understand them - catch up - because I believe the scriptures testify we are living in the final days of prophecy right now. Why? Because we are seeing clear signposts for key prophecies on an almost daily basis.

The pandemic is propelling us towards a new socio-economic system that parallels the one in Revelation. Vaccine passports, or 'freedom passes' as some have described them, will be used to restrict access to all manner of services and activities, public spaces, employment, even buying goods in a supermarket. We will see a two-tier society emerge. Those who adopt these passes and those that reject them, whether on ideological or faith-based grounds. For a prophecy buff like me, it's not difficult to see how this total and pervasive system of digital surveillance is laying the groundwork for the 'Mark of the Beast'. If your reaction is 'no way' - then ask yourself why? Why would you say 'no way' when Jesus himself told us this is coming?

Prophecy is not an appendix to the Bible, neither is it like a physical appendix we can remove and live without. It is there for the living, it is there for Christians as a warning and a reminder to be alert and watchful - at all times. Be watchful as Jesus commands and let no man deceive you - testing everything to see if it is true. We are living in a time of deep deception. As the Psalms say, do not put your trust in "princes" or "men" - but God. Test the government, test the experts - and read the signs of Christ's coming. If we are not doing this then we will be caught rudely unawares when the Master returns to the house. Many servants will be caught sleeping - don't be one of them.

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