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The Great Delusion: Climate change and the pandemic

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, “Let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us.” Psalm 2:1

While the world is hoping and praying to get back to pre-pandemic normality a ‘quango’ of powerful interests has been working behind the scenes to ensure the road back to 'normal' is well and truly cut off.

In June 2020 the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and author of the policy book 'COVID-19: The Great Reset', Prof. Klaus Schwab said:

"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world."

Excerpts from Schwab's policy book reveals more:

"Many things will change forever" "A new world will emerge" "Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never."

A (very) brief history of how we got here

In 2003, Australian journalist, author and politician Colin Mason penned ‘The 2030 Spike: Countdown to Global Catastrophe’. In it, he stated the urgent case for a complete reordering of global society to tackle the problems of climate change, growing populations, poverty and economic inequality by 2030.

Fast-forward to 2020, just 10 years off Mason’s cataclysmic prediction, and he is not alone. In fact, he never was, Mason was simply distilling an agenda that had been on the table for some time. Multiple foundations, NGOs, governments and wealthy individuals have pushed these catastrophic predictions for decades. In the early '70s, a think-tank called The Club of Rome published The Limits to Growth, a report warning of a global cooling event that would precipitate a new ice age. The failed prediction was forgotten but the klaxons of ecological catastrophe droned on. As each deadline for planetary doom came and went, its proponents carried on undeterred. Global cooling soon became 'global warming' and then, as if wanting a foot in both camps, the more ambiguous 'climate change'.

Mason's 'doomsday' date was incidentally adopted by the UN as Agenda 2030 (previously Agenda 21 - what happened to the 2021 deadline?). The foundation of this agenda is The UN's Sustainable Develop Goals (SDGs). These are the utopian-sounding measures needed to head-off this latest planetary event horizon. The WEF, as well as thousands of corporations, are subscribed to this doctrine of imminent climate catastrophe and use it to dress-up their policies and products. The world is dying, society is crying out for a fairer world, say the super-rich 1%. What is needed is a 'new world order' - it's a matter of survival. This is what they want you to believe.

And then the pandemic

In the years running up to the pandemic, the sense of ecological 'emergency' was stirred by the media. In 2019 we reached peak green catastrophism with autistic environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg scolding the forces of corporate excess and toxicity. Then, calamity.

Prior to the pandemic those very same forces of corporate excess had been running a simulation of a global pandemic. Sponsored by the WEF in partnership with Johns Hopkins University and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Event 201 (as it was called) concluded in October 2019. Soon after, the simulation became a real-world event.

Never let a good crisis go to waste

The pandemic 'opportunity' was quickly seized by the WEF and its supporters to promote Schwab's ‘Great Reset’. This would be the 'Build Back Better' - a pathway toward a 'sustainable' and more 'equitable' post-pandemic world order. As Winston Churchill famously said "Never let a good crisis go to waste".

HRH Prince Charles, a longtime advocate for climate action is a key collaborator on the Reset. Early on in the pandemic the Prince voiced his support, calling for a "paradigm shift, one that inspires action at revolutionary levels and pace". Charles suggested that the pandemic's "unprecedented shockwaves" would make people more likely to accept "big visions of change”.

Naturalist David Attenborough echoed these sentiments proclaiming "now is the time" as did other luminaries who, throughout 2020, parroted the urgent need for a root and branch reform of the global order.

Incredibly, the traditionally apolitical British Monarchy signalled their endorsement by publishing a link to The Great Reset on their official Twitter feed.

It's clear that Schwab's partners and supporters have unsurpassed means and influence and there are lots of them. They include the UN, IMF, Microsoft, BP, Mastercard and hundreds more, all broadly aligned with the WEF's goals. This represents a hugely powerful quasi-governmental network and, as you will see, the same organisations and individuals appear time and again, all interlinked and overlapping in purpose.

Another notable partner is ‘Inclusive Capitalism’, a foundation that wants to rebalance the world economy and make it more equitable for all. Established by Lady Lynn de Rothschild, IC's inaugural conference was opened by its patron, Prince Charles (again), and IMF Director Christine Lagarde. Partners and speakers include The Rockefeller Foundation (WHO top donor), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (WHO top donor), Tony Blair, journalists, bankers and corporate leaders. IC has even partnered with the Vatican.

These are the 1% of the 1%, who own vast tracts of the world's wealth and assets, all the while lamenting the evils of inequality and exclusion. Though the irony of this appears to be lost on its members.

Not only are these convergent organisations proponents of the goals set out in the Great Reset but some of them are also deeply involved in processing the information we receive about the pandemic, both through the world's media and scientific bodies.

Last year the WEF launched its COVID Action Platform with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Wellcome Trust. The Wellcome Trust run the Wellcome Sanger Institute which coordinates genomic surveillance of Covid and identified the new (more infectious) variant currently stalking the world. The Trust is in the WHO's top 20 list of non-governmental donors.

With regards to pandemic tracking systems, another partner, The Tony Blair Institute, is working with the WEF in championing and implementing CommonPass. a health passport that offers proof of your immunity status. The TBI is also campaigning for an economic rewiring of capitalism after Covid-19, à la 'reset'.

The joint efforts of all these organisations neatly dovetail with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically the aim of a net-zero carbon economy by 2030 (that date again).

'Good' intentions

In the novel Eric by fantasy author Terry Pratchet, there is a Road to Hell with slogans emblazoned on the cobbles. These included "for the good of the kids", "I meant it for the best" and "we are equal opportunities employers". This play on an old idiom mocks the unintended consequences that sometimes arise from 'good' intentions.

Prevailing against the pandemic and climate change has become the moral platform upon which to build the new post-Covid order. Conveniently, this is all outside the usual forms of accountability, governance and democracy.

In a Foreign Policy article titled 'Democracy is the Planet's Biggest Enemy' it states:

"The evidence of the last 30-plus years of climate politics suggests that electoral democracy is not well suited to reaching a consensus on what is to be done."

Democratic processes are slow and obstructive, but the pandemic has provided the means to loosen hundreds of years of legal and civil protections to implement radical, sweeping policy changes, accelerating the transition.

The 'resetters' believe, just like King Canute, they can bring the forces of nature (and humanity) under their control, but this is as delusional as it is unscientific. In fact, some climate catastrophists have started to distance themselves from the 2030 date for these very reasons. Nevertheless, to add to the sense of urgency there have been attempts to align the planet's 'fate' with the pandemic by claiming, without evidence, that it is a symptom of man's abuse of nature.

What is even more spurious are the connections between the measures outlined in Klaus's manifesto and the pandemic. The 'Build Back Better' future is what Schwab calls the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'. A hyper-efficient and industrious net-zero utopia of robot workers, global ID and surveillance systems, AI and transhumanism. One could wonder what place there is for humans in this scheme, or moreover what being human may actually come to mean.

Schwab admits that many jobs and livelihoods will be lost and businesses close for good. The working and middle classes will be pushed further down the economic scale, compacted together. There will be fewer options in the 'new economy' as technology assumes an ever-greater role in the workplace.

A future neo-feudal society would be a more accurate description of the outcome of these policies.

Inevitably, all this will see a widening chasm between a world of super-haves and super-have-nots. Indeed, as if to confirm this, an article published by the WEF states: "Welcome to 2030: I own nothing, have no privacy and life has never been better".

The costs of playing God on a global scale

There is a classic experiment that exposes the dangers of utopian thinking, in which participants say they would be willing to kill one person to save five.

It goes like this: You are standing next to a fork in a railroad line with a lever to divert a runaway boxcar that is about to kill five workers on the track. If you pull the lever, it will divert the train down a sidetrack where it will kill one worker. If you do nothing, the train kills five. What would you do? Most people say they would pull the lever.

By reframing the threat, even moderate people agreed that it was morally permissible to kill one person to save five. So imagine how easy it would be to convince people to kill 1,000 to save 5,000, or to exterminate 1 billion so that 7 billion might lead more ‘sustainable’ lives.

Now consider the following statement made by a long-time partner of the WEF and a self-appointed 'Vaccine Tzar' back in August 2020:

“As awful as this pandemic is, climate change could be worse.” - Bill Gates

Just like the boxcar experiment, Gates' comment relativises loss of life by comparing it to a greater loss. This reveals the inner justification and inoculation that occurs when grand causes are at play. What magnifies this is the unquantifiable cost of climate change meaning any number of lives lost in remedying the situation could be deemed 'worth it'. After all, the salvation of the planet and all future generations is at stake.

The World Food Program Chief Economist, Arif Husain, warned that for the poorest "Lockdowns and global economic recession have pushed them over the edge." The impact is "a hammer blow for millions more who can only eat if they earn a wage".

We are only at the beginning of this planetary 'transformation' but already the shocks of lockdowns are hitting hard even in the most prosperous parts of the world. Job losses, business closures, deferred diagnoses and treatments for non-Covid patients, relationship breakdowns, mental health issues, domestic abuse, individuals pushed onto welfare and state dependency. The toll is and will be, great.

Klaus and his collaborators have made their decision and pulled the lever. The runaway train is now an unstoppable force as the global economy of the old normal and everything it supports continues to unravel.

There are no good totalitarians, and no good totalitarian society

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

Ephesians warns us about elites. The Great Reset is a familiar temptation, the urge to build a utopia - the big fix - a well-trodden path set upon the corpses of previous efforts. To attempt such a thing would seem ridiculous were it not for advances in technology that have shrunk the scale of the task. Boots on the ground are no longer essential.

It's worth noting that there were no mentions of 'gulags' or 'purges' in Das Kapital, many saw Karl Marx's political and economic theory as the rational and scientific answer to humanity's shortcomings - and still do. Marxism was the 'inclusive capitalism' of the day and many political leaders fell under its spell. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" - seemed like good intentions, but it just didn't play out that way.

Like all bona-fida totalitarians, those pursuing the Great Reset are under one of the greatest and most recurrent delusions, that humanity is perfectable - we can be as Gods. Technology has given a fresh wind to this failed belief, but by believing it they are rejecting the truth of what the Bible says about the fallen nature of mankind. They believe man must be saved, not from the consequences of sin - which is spiritual death - but from climate change, over-population and economic hubris. This is folly. The only true salvation available to humanity is through a change internally, a transformation of the heart, which comes freely through repentance and belief in Jesus Christ, who is the embodiment of the truth which they reject.

Sadly many within the church have fallen for this reheated lie and joined themselves to it. Swapping the true gospel for a social gospel that believes the kingdom can be wrought through material and social change.

The truth is the Great Reset is a Great Delusion and will only result in a horrible oppression, as all previous attempts have so vividly demonstrated.

"And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved and for this cause God shall send them [a] strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." Thessolonians 2:10

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