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Sweden green-lights 'vaccine certificates'

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Sweden has announced it will start the development of digital vaccine certificates, to be used for travel, and possibly attending events or even visiting restaurants. This follows a similar move by Denmark a day earlier.

The certificates follow the CommonPass idea proposed by the WEF last year.

The two Nordic countries both said the certificates would enable citizens to travel aboard but also hinted they could potentially be used to check whether someone was vaccinated if they were attending sports or cultural events.

“With a digital vaccine certificate it will be quick and easy to prove a completed vaccination,” Sweden’s minister for digital development Anders Ygeman said in a statement.

Both countries also said that efforts would be made to make the certificates compatible with international certificates being discussed at the World Health Organization (WHO) and at the EU level.

The Swedish government said they hoped to have the infrastructure to issue digital certificates in place by June.

Photo by Jon Flobrant

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