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Italy: Femicides "tripled" during COVID-19 lockdown

Italy's lockdown acted as an "accelerator" of femicides, according to Eures, with domestic killings accounting for 80.8 per cent of the total during the three-month lockdown earlier this year.

Italy's National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) said women were victims of 45% of the homicides in the first six months of 2020, up from 35% in the same period in 2019.

It said the proportion reached 50% in the months of the lockdown, March and April 2020, 90% of these women were killed in the home. Their partner or ex-partner was the killer in 61% of the cases.

These factors were acknowledged by Italian premier Giuseppe Conte who said that "due to the restrictive measures" during the coronavirus emergency "we involuntarily created profound distress," causing the number of cases of femicide to "triple during the lockdown."

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino

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